Seroprevalence of cytomegalovirus infection in tertiary care hospital


  • Sunitha B Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology, NRI Institute of Medical Sciences, Sangivalasa, Visakhapatnam, India
  • Vamsi Krishna Gottipati Consultant General Surgeon, Gottipati Hospitals, Addanki, Prakasam(Dt), Andhra Pradesh, India


Seroprevalence, Cytomegalovirus, IgM.


Background:Cytomegalovirus otherwise called as Herpes 5 is the member of Herpesviridae family. This possesses an important public health problem as it may cause serious morbidity and mortality in congenital infected newborns and immune-compromised patients more notably in transplant recipients and HIV infected persons. The emergence of AIDS in India has necessitated the establishment of reliable test for diagnosis of CMV infection as the damaged immune system permits CMV which can occur during pregnancy following primary or recurrent infection in mother can result in IUGR and fetal abnormalities.Aim: To study the seroprevalence of CMV infection in tertiary care hospital.Material and methodsA total of 122 samples were included in the study which contain both serum and CSF samples. 98 serum samples from pediatric patients and antenatal women suspected of CMV infection were collected.24 CSF samples were collected from patients with suspected neurological CMV infection. Samples were tested for IgM CMV antibodies by ELISA.Results:Out of 98 serum samples, 16 (16.3%) were positive for IgM CMV antibodies which includes 12 positives from pediatric patients and 4 positives from antenatal women. Out of 24 CSF samples, 4(16.6%) were positive.Conclusion: In the present study, the number of seropositive was more in pediatric age groups, followed by adults. In few cases, neurological involvement was seen by Cytomegalovirus infection. This study shows that screening for CMV in antenatal women and pediatric age group will help the prevention and prompt treatment instituted immediately.




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