Effect of Excess Consumption of Caffeine on Cardiovascular Status


  • Santosh Kumar Sah Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology, Krishna Mohan Medical College & Hospital, Sonkh road, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Jay Prakash Singh Rajput Tutor,Department of Physiology GS Medical College & Hospital Pilkhuwa, Hapur, Uttar Pradesh, India


HR (heart rate) SBP (systolic blood pressure) and DBP (diastolic blood pressure).


Objective:This study was done to find whether excess consumption of caffeine containing beverage and other product on daily bases really have bad effect on our cardiovascular system or not . Method: All volunteer were divided into two groups depending on number of cups of coffee or other caffeine containing beverages and chocolates consumed by them. Group 1 was habitual drinkers and Group 2 was non-habitual drinkers. Then their basal HR, SBP and DBP were recorded and compared. Then same parameters were recorded at various time intervals after Queens College Step Test to find the recovery time of cardiovascular system.Result: There were no significant difference in mean basal HR, SBD and DBP between the groups. HR, SBP and DBP were almost same at various time interval after Queens College Step Test, except at time interval 5 sec. – 20 sec. where DBP was significantly higher in habitual caffeine drinkers compared to non habitual caffeine drinkers.Conclusion: From this study it has been concluded that caffeine doesn’t causes any harmful effect on cardiovascular system.




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