observational study on the relationship between vitamin d level and hip fractures


  • Jhatoth Dhoom Singh Associate Professor, Department of Orthopedics, Dr VRK Womens Medical College & Research Centre, Hyderabad, Telangana, India


Vit D, Vitamin D deficiency, Hip fractures


Background: Vitamin D (25OHD) is essential for maintaining calcium homeostasis and inadequate levels have been associated with negative musculoskeletal as well as extraskeletal effects. Individuals at especially high risk of developing hypovitaminosis D are the elderly. Hip fractures are devastating injuries that most often affect the elderly and have a tremendous impact on both the health care system and society in general. Aims: To identify patients with hip fractures and to attain the vitamin D levels in these patients. To correlate the between the hip fractures and levels of vitamin D and evaluate factors associated with the same study subjects. Materials and methods: The study was a descriptive type of study and was conducted between October 2019 and July 2021 in Dr VRK Womens Medical College and Hospital & SIMS, Hyderabad. Patients who fulfilled the inclusion criteria, were included in the study. Once the diagnosis of hip fractures were made then following test were done on day one of admission -Haemoglobin, Calcium, Phosphate, ALP, Vit D by CLIA method. Results: In this study we found that male were 39 patients and female of 41 patients, this shows almost equal prevalence of hip fractures in both males and females. The age in this study showed a mean of 69.91 overall, 68.51 and 70.74 for male and female patients respectively. Range was between 51 to 94 for both male and female patients. This study shows that the frequency of hip fracture in males and females were comparable and most of the patients presented to the hospital between 2nd to 7th day post injury .the most common co-morbidity was Diabetes Mellitus and many had more than one co-morbidity. It was also noted that anaemia was prevalent in both male and female patients and the overall vitamin D deficiency was 79% of the total no of patients with more predominant (51.25%) in female patients. Conclusion: The vitamin D status and other parameter were studied in this study which was conducted in Dr VRK Womens Medical College and Hospital. Treatment of the vitamin D deficiency decreases the chances of fall, morbidity condition and financial burden on the patient when fractures occur. The treatment of vitamin D deficiency will improve the quality of life overall. Hence the need for food fortification and supplementation in elderly indian population[1-5].




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